Hemp Land has Ireland’s largest range of indigenous IRISH Organic #Hemp & #CBD produce.

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At Hempland we’re on a mission to bring nature into your life using only the finest quality Hemp and CBD extracts. Our mission is to offer you the largest range of indigenous Organic #Hemp & #CBD produce from only IIHA APPROVED and trusted brands.

Hempland was born in Ireland through true love of health, fitness and the essence of nature itself. The brands we stock are EIRLAB tested and come from EU approved strains. Vegan certified and 100% organic.

It may sound a little silly to make a blanket statement such as ‘Hemp Can Save the World’

However, the possibilities with this plant are truly endless. You can eat its seeds to access one of the most nutritious plant-based sources provided by nature. You can treat countless ailments including pain and inflammation with its oils. You can make clothing, rope and paper from its fibres! You can make plastics which are 100% biodegradable. You can also utilize hemp plants as a natural cleaner of soils contaminated with a multitude of toxic substances. And don’t forget you can also produce better, longer-lasting paper products with less water, fertilizers and pesticides..

As cannabis & hemp grows in acceptance, more and more people are researching the potentials and breeding new strains with specific properties to treat specific ailments. The properties of this ‘plant’ are self-evident, however with new strains come new discoveries.

Horticultural scientists and breeders like Loughfarm for example are constantly crossing varieties to find the next big thing for both recreation and medical use. Crossbreeding led to the creation of new CBD strains including the much loved Irish Kush. The list of breakthroughs due to research is growing every day. Breeding cannabis to push the boundaries of medicine may be the single biggest benefit that we will see as legalisation continues to spread.

Hemp Land has Ireland’s largest range of indigenous Organic #Hemp & #CBD produce. #IIHA APPROVED. Farm direct. GMP grade. Lab tested by #EIRLAB