Let’s begin: First and foremost the main question is what most people should ask when Dublin City Council come knocking on your door is……. Since when did Dublin City Council suddenly own the paths in Dublin? Simple answer is.. THEY DONT.

The British empire owned Ireland, then the Irish people took it back, now DCC own the land, the paths and the roads?! Really? Who are these chancers?

The people of Ireland own the roads and paths, NOT Dublin City Council..

Paying water rates as a business owner in Dublin City Council catchment area? Did you notice the water rates were split from your rates about 3 years ago? Did DCC illegally give your details to IRISH WATER?

DCC appear to be the people’s champion, most of the local guys that work for them are sound, local inner city lads just making a living, but behind this facade they only exist to screw you, they do this through their “rates”

Very convenient suitation when it suits them.

Damaged your alloy wheels on their roads? See how far you get with a compensation claim.. the fact is they own and control nothing, except when it suits them to say so, it’s all propaganda.

They think they rule Dublin from that mostrousty on the quays, making a statement with that building, but at the same time making demands for rates which they have not to recently doubled, they are scamming you in the true sense, make no mistake, you are been robbed by Dublin City Council at every turn.

It’s time for you to SAY NO MORE.

DCC have no authority whatsoever unless you believe they have…. Dublin city council are ripping business owners off BIG TIME, how much are your rates? This is a separate subject , so let’s stay in point for now.

They have NO RIGHT to steal private property… We will be placing a formal complaint with the Garda.

Who gives them the right to steal private property and demand a payment to give it back to the rightful owner?

What individual person in Dublin City council should take responsibility for this SCAM?

Dublin City Council have stolen our sign and now want us to pay to have it back.

➖Today they quietly sneaked up to our building on Abbey Street in dublin 1 and dismantled our A0 size Aframe sign that we had outside our shop, they quickly threw it into a van and drove off at speed, they then walked into they store and barged through customers and slammed a “seizure notice” on the counter and announced to our assistant manger that they have seized the sign…

For 2 weeks prior to this they entered the store on at least 2 occasions, demanding we remove the sign… the Assiatant manger was in her words “felt very imtimated”…..

We are seeking separate legal advise on this matter and the individual will be held responsible for causing mental distress and emotional violence.

Intimidating tactics against young girls are illegal we assumed? But DCC Managment s eem to think they are above the law..

A classic scam… This is robbery plain and simple, and we will be taken high court action against them and also EU court action if needed.

We will start a campaign to show the people of Dublin, in particular small local business, how DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL (parasites) are bleeding the Irish and Dublin people dry..


We will be holding the individual management responsible and taken further legal action specifically against this people if we deem necessary.

CURRENT MANAGEMENT OF DCC NEED TO BE SACKED. They are an embarrassment to Dublin. They guys that actually “work” like for example ‘Robbie in Dublin 1 that collects the rubbish NEEDS A RAISE!! You may remember him from last years St Patrick’s Day parade.. these are the guys who deserve utmost respect.. the Managment are overpaid robots, the simple solution is to simply treat them as simple as they are.. simple. The people of Dublin DONT OWE DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL ANYTHING.


Dubliners own Dublin. NOT DCC.

Their subsidiary Dublin Town formally known as Dublin City BID is run by over paid Richard Guiney, these guys are imposters. Many of the guys that work for BID are great people, Dave for example, nice Guy deserves a raise! Mr Guiney is on a 100k salary.. let that sink in…

DCC are fooling themselves.. up until now they have assumed they have the narrative under control.. Dublin city business will now realize the truth..

As one person put it:
” …yet councils around the country site litter bins , flower displays , lamp posts , street signs , political posters , and other obstructions on pavements and pedestrian pathways and thats o.k -? this is nothing more than another scam to raise money -or rather to extract money from hard working businesses…”

As another person puts it: “Ahh Dublin City Council…destroying Dublin with passion. Nothing done about broken paths & roads, ugly grey poles everywhere, chopping down trees, beggars, pick pockets, vomit, rubbish etc etc. Owen Keegan….resign!!!! Before you do as much damage to Dublin as you did to DLR!!”

The Dublin City council management are NOT fit for purpose.

Get in touch to show your support:

www.DublinCityCouncilScam.net – scam@dubincitycouncilscam.net